Did you know that cavities on kid’s teeth is one of the most common dental problems and chronic conditions of kids in the United States?

Did you know that cavities are preventable?

Good news!

I have a guide to help you prevent cavities and answer the most common dental questions.

Do you have these questions about your child?

  • What age should my child have their first visit to the dentist?
  • Is it too early for my child to be evaluated for braces?
  • When should I expect my child to lose their first tooth?


My guide that will help you answer these questions and more!

The Dental Health Guide for Newborns to Age 7 will help you answer some of the most common dental questions up until the age of 7.

What steps to take to maintain good oral hygiene

When to schedule your child’s first dental visit.

Key steps to maintain overall dental health for your little one.

When to expect your child’s first permanent or adult tooth.

I want to make sure that your kiddo is healthy and cavity free!

And make things simple as possible.