Congratulations! You're expecting!

I know you may have some questions like ...

Do you want to know how to avoid getting a cavity during your pregnancy?

Do you have questions on what steps to take to keep your gums from bleeding?

I have a guide that will help you answer these questions and more!

Being pregnant is such an exciting time.

This is also a time that you have so many changes happening to your body, including your mouth.  Many times we focus so much on the baby and anticipating the babies arrival that we neglect our selves.

I have heard too many times women tell me that their teeth were perfect before they got pregnant.  I don’t want this to be your story too.  So, this guide is for you!

The Dental Health During Pregnancy guide will help you during your entire pregnancy, including ...

What steps to take to maintain good oral hygiene

What to do if you have bleeding gums

Steps to take if you are vomiting frequently or have dry mouth

Keys to maintaining your overall dental health to make sure that you and your baby are healthy.

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